7 Ways of Coping with Moving Stress

7 Ways of Coping with Moving Stress

If you have moved homes in the past, you’d know best how stressful and overwhelming it can be.

If you have never moved but you have an upcoming moving then you may have an idea but not quite sure how to deal with it.

Follow this easy guide to help you cope with the stress throughout your move. 



If you have issues with time management and organisation skills then you may find some useful tips here.

I know it may sound too boring, long, etc. but making a basic plan can save you a lot of troubles during the actual move and afterwards.

Make a plan with your moving date, inventory list, other important dates around the move, packing supplies and contacts for moving companies and friends that will help you with the move.

Keeping everything together and managing your time is essential during a move.

make plans

with your friends

Don’t hide in your emotions but rather go out and make some plans with your friends.

Don’t leave them behind.

The fact that you’re moving doesn’t mean that you have to stop talking to them.

The most important thing is the support you get from the people around you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving locally or long-distance, you can always visit and keep in touch.


get rid of

unwanted stuff

One of the advantages of packing and moving is the clearance of the house.

Many people store items that they never use.

Not only do they require space but it’s also an emotional baggage that we carry with ourselves.

Getting rid of unwanted items makes space for new emotions.

You can make some profit out of it as well.

What better way to make some money from selling unneeded items while spending quite a bit on a relocation?

Another amazing opportunity is to give these stuff to charity.

It’s a good deed and you will make some space for new items that you can and you will actually use.

Whichever you choose it’s a good start.

One Way Van Lines

Book a moving company and have a glass of wine while someone else does all the packing and moving for you.



Start with some positive energy.

Everyone has different reasons for moving.

Some are relocating because of their job, others are moving because of their family and some because they are part of the Military.

Weather it was your choice to move or not, find the best angle and hold onto it.

The unknown is often even better than what you expect so embrace your fate and start thinking about all the good stuff that are on the way.

There is a bunch of new challenged to experience and a bunch of new people to meet and make some lifelong friendships.

Positive thoughts

Start packing as soon

as you get your moving date

Don’t leave packing for the last minute.

As soon as you get your moving date start by dividing your stuff into rooms and boxes.

Leave all the essential stuff that you use every day for last.

For example leave the kitchen utilities, bathroom essentials and bedroom accessories for the last day.

Make a basic list of what each box contains so you smooth your unpacking.

Label your boxes and leave them in the storage room or a place, which won’t be on your way every day.

Packing as soon as you get your moving date can actually influence your move a lot so keep that in mind.

Find out all the good stuff about

the place you’re moving to

Start doing some research.

Whatever you’re interested in- find it in your new place.

Get to know the place you’re moving to by exploring the surroundings.

Find the best bars, restaurants, schools, malls.

Try Yelp for some recommendations for anything that interests you in the surroundings.

Try socializing with your new neighbors and colleagues.

Best way to do that is through Nextdoor app or website or at work.

Don’t focus on the move fully, give yourself some free time to let the weight off your shoulders.

moving company

your new best friend

Reduce your stress to minimum when booking a moving company.

It may require more finances but choosing a reliable company will reflect a lot on your move.

Some moving companies do full service, which means that all you need to do is get a quote and sit on your back while a member of the professional team does an in home estimate.

Check online for reviews and feedback from other people or check how to choose the right moving company.

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