How to choose the right moving company in 5 easy steps

How to choose the right moving company in 5 easy steps

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Moving is stressful enough as it is. Choosing a moving company, however, can influence your move dramatically. Whether you’re moving within your state, long distance, overseas or relocating your office, you will need a reliable moving company to handle all the pressure.

Distinguishing fraud moving companies from reliable ones can be a little time consuming but it pays off at the end. You don’t want to be stuck with paying double to what you have originally agreed on, or having your items damaged, lost or stolen.

Don’t spoil your move with scam companies.

These 5 easy steps to choosing a reputable moving company will help you move anywhere without having to worry about anything.

  • Research and reviews

First and foremost research, research, research. Get references from friends and family who have used moving companies in the past. If you don’t know any people who have used these services, then Google knows everything. Go online and search for moving companies near you, read their reviews and compare. Don’t settle for the lowest price. Check as well. It’s a community platform of your neighbourhood where people share reviews and recommendations of services. You can find some helpful suggestions there.

  • Check with BBB

Check the chosen moving company with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Search for the moving company you have on mind and check if they are listed there. If not- the company is most likely a fraud. If it exists- then you can read all the information you need. BBB is the most reliable source for moving companies.

  • Licence and Insurance

Check if the moving company you would like to use is licensed and insured. All moving companies on are checked for license and insurance before they are listed on the website. Which means that if your preferred moving company is on the website, then it is legitimate. You can check the list of reputable movers on .

  • Compare free estimates

Before booking it’s best to check your estimate with few different companies. One should remember that cheap doesn’t always mean quality. Therefore, look for an average estimate. Paying a little bit more money can sometimes result in your favor. If the estimate seems way less than others, it’s more likely a trap and you will end up paying double. Make sure that when you’re doing an estimate, you’ll need to describe every item in the house to avoid further charges on arrival and a different estimate at the end.

  • Beware of big deposits

Most if not all moving companies would require a deposit prior the service. That is standard. Beware of moving companies that require over 20% deposit- reputable businesses will not ask you for large deposits. Demanding large deposits often results in keeping your belongings hostage and asking for more money to get them delivered to you.

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