First time mover? What you need to know

First time mover? What you need to know

Moving for a first time can be a little scary.

The whole process is long, stressful and not very easy to handle on your own.

Follow these 7 easy steps for an effortless and smooth first time moving.

3. Hire a professional moving company

The easiest way to move stress free is using a moving company. Full service companies would do the packing, loading and delivering for you. It’s time saving and makes your move effortless. Professional movers know the best way to organise your move and handle your belongings. Moving companies train their staff to pack everything secure and make sure that you receive them the same way you packed them.

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  1. Find a suitable place to live

Some people move because they have to, others because they want to. Whether the reason for your move is your job, partner, climate or simply a nicer place, choosing the right place to live is a very important first step.

Some people prefer to live in a flat, others in a house. It’s your personal choice that you need to make. Ask yourself some questions.

Did you live in a house or a flat before?

How did you feel there, did you want more space or maybe less? Compare.

Do you have kids? Pets?Consider all circumstances around your move because it’s a long process and find the best solution.

4. Organise everything

Planning and good organisation is the key to successful moving. Get everything in order by simply making a plan of your move. Plan dates, finances and location and follow that plan. Chaos can result in having your stuff damaged, delayed or missing.

6. Get to know your neighbours

Once you’ve settled down in your new place, get to know your neighbours. It’s always nice to be warm and approachable. Be the first to say hi, explore your new neighbourhood. Last but not least you can always join a neighbourhood group, where you can later give and receive recommendations for different services or simply get tips and help.

2. Get your budget in order

Keep in mind that whether you’re moving locally or long distance, your move will cost you money and time. Make a plan for your budget. If you are using a moving company- get a free estimate and see how much would that service cost you.

Then set some money aside for supplies. Make a list of what you’ll need for your move and fill the list.

5. Be patient

Relocating is a long process, therefore requires a lot of patience. The more you stress out, the less efficient your move will be. Keep in mind that everything requires time and sometimes the process can take even up to a month, especially if you’re moving long distance or relocating overseas.

7. Let’s get this party crackin!


Best way to start your new life is by organising a little welcoming party. Invite your neighbours for a “sip and see”.

What better way to celebrate the final touch of your move?

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