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Are you considering moving to Maryland?

There are so many consideration points to be taken into account when it comes to relocation.

Although Maryland is a small state, it has something for everyone.

From pleasant climate, to accessible transport and great educational system, Maryland is an attractive destination for many people. 

It has borders with Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia to the south and west, with Pennsylvania to the north and Delaware to the east.

The capital of Maryland is Annapolis, however the largest city is Baltimore.

The Old Line State is ranked 19th when it comes to population.



The public transport in Maryland is very well developed.

It makes reaching to work easier and less stressing.

Driving isn’t an option, especially if your work is based in the Washington, D.C., unless you want to spend hours in traffic and efforts to find a parking space.

Another great alternative to transportation is cycling. It is very popular and you don’t have to worry about parking and pollution.

The biggest airport in the state is Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

There are two beltways you will get familiar with- Washington D.C and Baltimore Beltway.

The first one goes all the way to Virginia and goes around Washington D.C. and the second one goes around Baltimore and Inner Harbor.

Baltimore moving



Maryland has a rich history when it comes to sports and it still has big influence on the citizens.

There are many professional as well as amateur leagues.

Some of the major football teams are Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins.

Among the major baseball teams are the Baltimore Orioles.

Located in the Inner Harbor, Baltimore Ravens football stadium and Baltimore Orioles Camden Yards baseball complex are both hosts to a number of events gathering thousands of people.

For upcoming events check the Maryland Sports Commision.


Are you moving to Maryland because of university/college?

The choice of educational institutes is big and most of them are highly ranked.

Among the best universities are the competitive United State Naval Academy, the catholic Loyola University Maryland and the arts orientated Maryland Institute College of Art.

If you are moving with your kids, the Chesapeake Bay State has some of the best public schools in America based in Montgomery County and Howard County.

There is a range of private schools, religious as well as non-religious. 

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and Landscape

The climate in Maryland changes as a result of variances in elevation and proximity to water.

The state borders with the Atlantic ocean on the east, which results in humid subtropical climate on the whole eastern half.

That includes the capital of Maryland- Annapolis, Baltimore, Salisbury and more.

Summers are hot and humid in general and winters are moderate.

Snow occurs occasionally, hence people don’t have the appropriate preparation.

As a result of that, when there is even tiny bit of snow it affects the traffic and results in chaos.

The best seasons are spring and fall. They have average temperatures- not too hot, nor too cold either.


and lifestyle

Living in Maryland is expensive but the standard of living as well as salaries are higher than many other parts of the country.

Apart from the sports events that bring many people together, there are a number of fun things to do.

One of the most exciting events is the Maryland Renaissance Festival, which takes places in Crownsville.

It starts from the last weekend of August and lasts for 9 weeks. It is one of the largest renaissance fairs in the United States.

Located in Baltimore, the National Aquarium is the biggest tourist attraction in Maryland. It has an average of 1.5 million tourists annually.

There are numerous bars, restaurants and cafes along the coast worth a visit.



The job market and the economy in Maryland are very strong.

Many people are relocating to Washington D.C. because of work.

The prices of houses depend on the neighborhood.

Some places are more expensive, for instance if you choose a place next to a metro then the price will be higher.  

Some of the best industries to search for jobs are: management, business and financial operations, legal industry, computer and mathematical industry and architecture and engineering industry.

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