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Have you ever considered moving to Massachusetts? 

Check some facts about the state below.

Massachusetts is based on the East Coast of the United States.

Although it’s a rather small state, it has big influence in the history of the United States.

It’s a smaller state comparing to California and Florida. The official spoken language is English, however nearly 10% of the population speaks Spanish and Portuguese.

The capital of Massachusetts is Boston and it is also the most populous city in New England.

Massachusetts has borders with Connecticut and Rhode Island on the south,  the Atlantic Ocean on the east, New York to the west, News Hampshire and Vermont on the north.

One of the first states to recognize same-sex marriages was Massachusetts.

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The public transport operating within Massachusetts is called Massachusetts Bay transportation Authority. It operates light and heavy rail vehicles, rail trains, trolleybuses, buses and ferry.

The largest airport in the state is Boston-Logan International Airport.

It servers over 20 million passengers flying all over the United States, Mexico, Brazil, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe and Asia.

There are a number of interstates, connecting different parts of Massachusetts, including Interstate 90, which is the longest one.

It connects the West side of Massachusetts at the New York state line and Boston-Logan airport. It’s long 136 mi.

There are also many highways connecting all parts of Massachusetts.

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The most spectacular tourist destination in Springfield is the Basketball Hall of Fame and also the Volleyball Hall of Fame in Holyoke.

Apart from basketball and volleyball, Massachusetts is also known for major golf events, including nine US Opens and two Ryder Cups.

Todd Richards, Albina Osipowich and Aly Raisman are among the most successful people in the Olympics.

Among the most popular sports are also american football and ice hockey.


Roxbury Latin School is the oldest school in North America, founded in 1645. It is based in Massachusetts as well as Mather school, the oldest public elementary school.

Massachusetts is ranked among the top 3 states for overall educational system.

When it comes to education, Massachusetts has very high standards and they are set long ago.

One of the most popular universities in the state is Harvard University, which has over 6 700 undergraduate students.

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and Landscape

The weather in Massachusetts has rather persistent climate.

Winters are cool and snowy and summers are nice and warm with an average temperatures of 30°C.

Tornadoes are not that common.

The history remembers huge tornadoes like Flint-Worcester tornado outbreak sequence as early as 1953.

It’s one of the most memorable tornadoes in Massachusetts, leaving up to 1,300 injured people mainly in Worcester(the second biggest city in the state).

Storms, on the other hand are quite common, especially during winter.

They are called Nor’easter because the storms happen along the east Coast and the winds come from the northeast.


and lifestyle

Boston Early Music Festival 

This is one of the most popular festivals held in Boston and New York City annually.

It produces historical music performances including opera recordings.

It aims to familiarize people with less known Baroque operas, performed by leading musicians.

For all those interested in contemporary art in an unusual way, Museum of Bad Art in Dedham is the right destination.

Are you a wine lover? Then check Martha’s Vineyard. It’s an Island in Massachusetts and it’s only accessible through boat or air.

Massachusetts is a home to many open spaces and parks such as Fenway Park.

The coast is home to many nice towns, such as Rockport. It’s an inspiration for many artists with its hidden coves and shorelines.

The best season to visit Massachusetts is autumn.

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