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Have you ever considered moving to Michigan? 

There is a lot more to the Great Lakes State than stunning landscapes and great food.

Michigan takes 10th place in regards to population.

The capital is Lansing, however the largest city is Detroit.

Michigan has borders with Canada on the north and east side, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior from east to west, Ohio and Indiana on the south and Illinois and Wisconsin on the west.

The one thing that stands out is that the state is divided into two peninsulas- Lower and Upper Peninsula.



One of the best features Michigan has is the public transportation.

The bus system is very well developed, adding to the comfort of daily commuting.

There are 79 transportation agencies operating in urban and rural areas.

The main airport in Michigan is Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, also called Detroit Metro. It serves over 32 million passengers per year.

The best way to travel from one city to another is using Greyhound bus.

Alternatively, The People Mover offers residents entertaining and affordable way to go around Detroit.  

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Michigan is huge when it comes to sports- both professional and semi-professional.

Some of the major teams include: Detroit tigers baseball team, Detroit Lions football team, Detroit Red Wings ice hockey team and the Detroit Pistons basketball team.

They all take place in the Metro Detroit area.

The most popular sport is hockey and if you are into sports you will either become a hockey fan or start playing hockey.

Michigan Sports


Michigan has many opportunities for great colleges and universities.

Students attend both private as well as public schools.

One of the best public universities is the University of Michigan.

Its motto speaks for itself- “Leaders and Best” and it perfectly represents what the institution provides.

Another advantage is the affordable tuition fees.

Michigan State University is also on top of the list with best universities in Michigan.

It has a spacious and beautiful campus.

The list with prestigious and affordable universities and colleges is long and you can find more online.

If you consider moving to college or university, you can check and use great discounts on our Student/College Service.

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and Landscape

If you are moving from the Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula it is like if you are moving to another state.

Winters in the Upper Peninsula are way colder and if you don’t appreciate snow, most likely you won’t be amazed by the cold.

There is an average of one month of thunderstorm per year.

Tornadoes are common in the southern part of the state, comparing to any other part.

They average between 16-19 per year.


and lifestyle

When it comes to entertainment Michigan has a whole lot of great stuff!

Start with the awesome food! Who doesn’t like a good hot dog and a great beer?

Don’t get confused, Michigan’s doesn’t have just ordinary hot dogs, they have something better- Coney Dogs. Don’t risk it by adding ketchup on it!

There is a great variety of craft beers and even if you are not a big fan- you’ll become one.

If you like outdoorsy activities and camping then you need to check Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Based on Lake Michigan, this beautiful spot is the perfect vacation destination with beautiful beaches and plenty of lush forests.

There is a great chance you’ll be able to see the Northern Lights and the best spot to do that is Lake Superior.

Lake Michigan Shore moving

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