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With its range of mountains, farmlands and coastal gems I would too!

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The state, also often referred to as the Tar Heel has amazing features.

The term “tar heel”  itself can be traced back to colonial times when North Carolina was a leading producer of supplies for the marine industry.

People were producing tar for wooden ships.

Nowadays tar production is not as popular as in the past.

People focus on jobs and businesses involving technology, statistics and flourishing business.

The capital of North Carolina is Raleigh, however Charlotte is the largest city in the state. The population of the Tar Heel state is growing with the years and as in for 2017 there were 10, 273, 419 people. The number of people who decide to move to North Carolina is rising because of the good weather, health services and great location.

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There is always something to see or somewhere to go in North Carolina.

One of the most spectacular places to visit is the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. The mansion was built by George Washington Vanderbilt and the land is nearly 180 000 square feet. The residence is open for visits and tours.

If you are are into hiking and appreciate the wilderness and fresh air of the mountains then you need to visit Great Smoky Mountains. Based in the border with Tennessee, they keep a record of over 11 million visits a year, making it the most visited national park in the United States.

The community in North Carolina is very diverse, connecting people from different parts of the country.

If you like waterfalls, North Carolina has many of them! They are particularly beautiful seen in the fall when all the warm and beautiful colors give a unique experience to the landscape.

North Carolina is also famous for its barbecue. You can check and find some pretty cool barbecue place on Yelp.

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If you are a basketball fan, then North Carolina definitely has something for you. If you are not, prepare to become one. There are two main basketball teams- Tar Heels and Blue Devils.

North Carolina also has a strong affiliation with National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing and stock- car racing.

During the summers golf is a popular sport and North Carolina has hosted important tournaments.

Baseball is also popular although there are no major teams.

So if you are a sports fan moving from a different state you will find the sports culture in North Carolina very interesting.


North Carolina is ranked sixteenth when it comes to education.

It’s a home to universities like University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (first public university in the United States) and North Carolina State University.

There are many public institutions as well private ones. Some of the most popular ones among the private universities are Duke University and Wake Forest University.

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and Landscape

Temperatures change as you move from East to West as a result of the mountain and the Atlantic Ocean.

North Carolina is divided into 3 regions- Coastal Plain(East), Piedmont(Middle) and Mountain region(West). Winters are warmer along the coast rather than the mountain region.

Temperatures are moderate and vary between 8°C -25°C throughout the year.

There are several hurricanes that have hit North Carolina, including Hurricane Fran and Hurricane Hazel.


There are several military bases in North Carolina.

The headquarters of the XVIII Airbone Corps, 82nd Airbone Division and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command are located near Fayetteville.

The biggest concentration of Marines and sailors in the whole world is based in Jacksonville.

As a result of that, many military personnel relocate to North Carolina.

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