Moving with kids

Moving with kids

Moving with kids can be challenging and tricky, regardless if you’re moving locally just a few miles away, or long distance. It is particularly stressful when Military families have to move because they relocate quite often. The whole process itself is tense as it is and having to explain to your children why you have to do it is another story. Here, you’ll find some useful tips on how to make your moving with kids smoother. 

Tell your kids

months before the actual move

Start by telling your children long before the move itself so you can predispose them.

Explain why you have to move and give them time for the information to sink in.

It may take a while but be patient. It isn’t easy for them, especially if they have many friends.

Try to explain to them that the fact that you’re moving doesn’t mean that they have to stop talking to their friends.

Moving is stressful for everyone and children may act up a bit but that’s ok, they may seem like they don’t understand at the beginning but things will definitely get better in future, so give them time.


for good schools

Make research on schools in the city you’re moving to.

Find a school, which has a good reputation for welcoming new kids.

Sometimes children feel like outsiders when changing schools and that’s normal.

It’s important to find a school where teachers as well as kids seem approachable and nice.

Talk to the teachers beforehand and explain the situation so they can keep that in mind and approach your child/children with consideration of the circumstances.

Try to make sure that your kids don’t feel stressed out at home as well as at school, especially when the whole moving is a new experience for them.


goodbye party

Organise a goodbye party and make it all nice and funny.

Put an accent on the funny side, rather than the fact that you’re leaving.

Allow your children to decide on stuff like the theme of the party, decoration of their future room, ask them if they like to get involved in the packing.

Everything that will make them look at the bright side of the whole experience.

Same applies for the moving in.

Get to know your neighbours and invite them and their kids over for a welcoming party. 

Try Nextdoor app to join the social network of your neighbourhood.

Show your kids that moving can be also funny and exciting and it’s not the end of the world.

Get to know

the new surroundings

Get excited about the moving, talk about the location and bring up all the good stuff about it.

Find the most exciting attractions, sightseeing and everything that you think your child will consider interesting.

If your kid is into cinema, then find famous people who are born there, or live there.

Find the best cinema and take your kid for a treat as soon as you settle down.

If your kid is into music take it to a nice concert.

Show them the good side of moving.

Spend a few days exploring the city and the surroundings.

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