Moving in- what’s next?

Moving in- what’s next?

Moving in may seem like the easiest part of the moving.

However, it involves many important things to be taken care of.

You’re starting a new chapter in your life and as exciting as it may seem, there are only a few things left before you can open the bottle of champagne and invite your neighbors over for a welcome party. Check these 13 steps to an easy moving in experience.

Moving in

Check your


First of all you need to check your boxes.

Mistakes happen so this should be the first thing you do after you receive everything.

Sometimes moving companies have too many orders and deliveries to do, hence they may deliver the wrong box to you.

Even if you’re not using a moving company, you still need to check your boxes if anything is missing.

Sort your


Divide your boxes and furniture into rooms.

If you have separated your boxes following our Easy Step by Step Guide to Packing, then your unpacking will be even easier.

Once you’ve placed every box where it belongs, you can start ticking your checklist.

It is recommended that you make a checklist of all your boxes and furniture upon packing so you don’t lose track of your items. That applies especially if you’re moving 2+ bedroom house.

Set up your


Next, set up your appliances and check if they are working.

It is common that fridges, ovens, etc stop working after moving them them from one place to another.

They require extra caution when being moved.

You need to arrange the connections of the main utilities beforehand so once you move in you have your water, gas and electricity sorted.

Unpack the


Once you’ve sorted all of the above you can start unpacking the essentials.

Don’t aim to unpack everything at once, you will end up in chaos.

Start by unpacking your bedding, some clothes, kitchen and bathroom essentials.

Take one step at a time.

Change your


One of the first things you should do is change your address.

The sooner you do that, the better.

You can do it in a few easy steps online.

Make sure that you inform your bank that you have moved.

Change Address

Register to


Another important step after changing your address is registering to vote.

You can do it here.

Make sure that you include all the information and documentation with your new address.



your vehicle

When moving states you are required by law to register your vehicle at your new address.

The time frame in which you can do so depends on the different states.

Get to know

your neighbors

It is important to get to know who lives in your neighborhood and greet your new neighbors.

They will be the people you will see almost every day.

Check Nextdoor, where you can connect with people in your area.

Find a good school

for your kids

Moving with your family means that you will need to find a good institution for your child.

Do some research and ask your neighbors for recommendations.

The sooner you find a school, the quicker your child will get used to the new place.


the rest

Later on you can continue with the unpacking the rest of your belongings.

Once you’ve unpacked all the essentials, sorted your address and feel more relaxed, you can do the rest of the unpacking.



After unpacking everything you will end up with a bunch of packing materials that will no longer be needed.

You can either keep the ones that can be reused or sell them.

The rest you will need to bin.

You can also offer your friends and neighbors if they need some boxes.

Clean your


After unpacking there is usually a mess behind.

You can either do it yourself or you can find cleaning services for one off service.

Whichever you choose, try to stay organized and leave the cleaning bit for last.

Write a


Writing a review is important not only for the moving company that you have used but also for other people who will need the services.

Most people always read reviews and choose their moving company based on the feedback.

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Moving in

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