How to move a piano

How to move a piano

Pianos are delicate items and require not only an extra pair of hands but also professional touch.

An upright piano can weight somewhat between 300 lbs and 900 lbs.

Many factors should be taken into account when moving a piano. Most importantly you need to make sure that you and your piano are safe.

The safest way to move a piano is to hire a moving company because the movers are professionals, have the right equipment and moving techniques.

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The price for moving a piano depends on a few things:

  • The type of piano (Grand, Upright and Electronic)
  • It's age
  • Flight of stairs
  • Distance

When moving your piano locally the cost would be less than an interstate.

If the movers have to move the piano from the ground or first floor, most likely you won’t be charged for additional flight of stairs.

However, if the piano has to be moved from the second floor and above, you will be charged for every flight of stairs.

Hiring professionals guarantees about the safe moving and handling of your piano.

In case you want to do it yourself, there are a few important steps that you need to consider.

First of all pianos are extremely heavy so you will need to make a few calls.

Ask your friends if they will give you a hand.

Keep in mind that you will need at least 4 people to move the piano.

Get some information about the weight of the piano so you have a rough estimate and can calculate how many people exactly you would need.

moving a piano

Keep in mind that local moving companies have the right equipment and professional team.

You will need an appropriate equipment to handle this job.

This includes some strong straps that will handle a heavy item such as piano.

You will also need dollies in order to move the piano easier on a flat surface.

Make sure that the piano is as securely packed as possible.

You can cover it with blankets and loads of tape.

Pay attention to little details, every little bit should be covered.

moving a piano

Once you have all you need you can move onto the most difficult and heavy bit.

The actual moving.

You and your friends need to communicate and keep a balance.

Be extremely careful when there are stairs and bumps.

If you are also moving other items make sure that you load the piano on the truck first as it would be the heaviest.

moving a piano

Finally, make sure that the piano is safe in the truck and it won’t fall, scratch or damage.

Put it at the end of the truck and make sure it is securely fastened between boxes and the walls.

You may need more blankets.

Also you can use wooden pallets or planks so the floor is even.

At the end double, even triple check if the piano is stable.

Upon moving in, the piano is your last worry.

It will be the last item you will unload from the truck and the last bit you will move into your new home.

You will need the same equipment that you needed for the loading- dollies, strong strips and strong friends. 

Make sure you know exactly where the new position of the piano is so you don’t wander about carrying 900 lbs.

moving a piano

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