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Full service

We are a full service moving company. We stand by our values- high standards and professional services.

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Customer service

We create an individual relationship with our clients. You are our priority and we aim to leave you happy at the end of your move.

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Affordable prices

Our range of prices are designed to suit your pocket and needs. Our aim is to provide professional service in affordable prices.

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Booking with us is quick and easy. All you need to do is get a quote and wait for one of our moving consultants to give you a call.

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What makes our moving services special

and our clients happy?

  • Personal Approach
  • We aim to provide the best service, hence we take each customers needs at heart and create a personal relationship in order to provide the best service possible and provide a stress-free move.
  • Discounts
  • Our discounts and offers start from “new customer”, “student discounts”, “military services” and continue onto personalised discounts. The personalised discounts are designed individually for every customer.
  • Dedicated Service
  • We know very well how stressful moving is. We don’t want to stress you out even more, so leave everything in our hands and focus on relaxing. Our goal is to meet your criterias and even surpass your expectations.

Ready to move locally?

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We are a professional moving company

and we stand by our values

One Way Van Lines is a trusted moving company in the United States. We are based mainly on the East Coast- Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Connecticut, however we operate all over North America.

Local Moving is a short distance move, which usually occurs within the same state.

We always aim to leave our customers happy at the end of the move, which is why we want to give an affordable service.

The team behind One Way Van Lines is committed to give professional service. We don’t want to disappoint our customers, hence we ALWAYS aim for the best service in this industry.

Local Moving has never been easier!

At One Way Van Lines, we provide many resources to make your move a breeze.

We provide helpful tips for preparing, packing and everything you need to know about the whole moving experience.

We make the beginning of your new life memorable and most importantly- effortless.

Trust us today and you will be thankful tomorrow.

How much does a

local move cost?

One Way Van Lines offers local moving at various locations at affordable prices.

Every client is individually taken care of and the cost of the service depends on the volume of the goods.

The local move cost is estimated per cubic foot. Contact one of our advisers to get more information.

You can also do a FREE ONSITE ESTIMATE.

Local Moving

You need to know what is the volume of your furniture.

This will result in compiling an average price for your local move.

Please NOTE that every client is individual, hence the final prices are different for everyone. Please read our Terms of Service to see a full list with our liability and your responsibilities.

Looking for a moving company near you?

One Way Van Lines is here for you

You can fully trust One Way Van Lines and our team of trained professionals for your local move. We value our customers and their rights and pay attention to details.

We are here to help you move your goods locally.

We aim to make this experience effortless and easy for you.

We handle your belongings with care regardless of their size.

Our company has a range of discounts designed to help our customers feel more relaxed when it comes to moving costs.

That helps us improve our services and maintain an efficient local moving experience.

Our discounts and offers start from “new customer”, “student discounts”, “military services” and continue onto personalized discounts. The personalized discounts are designed individually for every customer.

We always aim to leave our customers happy at the end of the move.

Hence we want to give an affordable service.

We know very well how stressful moving is. We don’t want to stress you out even more, so leave everything in our hands and focus on relaxing.

Each one of our team works for a common goal. Our goal is to meet your criteria and even surpass your expectations.

How does One Way Van Lines help

to make local moving a breeze?

As a full service company, we get to do everything for you from packing, to loading, storage and delivering.

So your worries are reduced to minimum.

All the packing is done by trained professionals. In some cases, customers prefer to do the packing themselves. We provide them with kits that will help the process.

They will do the loading and calculate the volume/weight of your furniture and will provide you with a detailed list of every individual item and the total cost.

We are always reachable in case you have any questions about any part of the service.

The most important part is the preparation.

You need to start by planning everything to details.

That will help you fitting everything into place when it comes to the actual move.

Every person who works at One Way Van Lines, manages to create an individual relationship with our clients.

We understand and accept every individual request and work around your schedule and needs.

When packing, there are a number of factors that need to be noted.

Fragile items should be wrapped well with bubble wrap. We provide a pack of boxes, bubble wraps and everything needed to secure your belongings.

If you decide to pack yourself, you need to make sure that all fragile items are bubble wrapped twice, to avoid breakage and scratches.

One Way Van Lines has vans with big capacity. You don’t need to worry about how many things you have, we take care of that.

We make sure that everything on arrival is undamaged and safe.

Make your local move a breeze and call One Way Van Lines today.

At our company we put an accent on quality services.

Therefore our team is in constant touch with you to make sure everything is going according to plan.

We have worked hard over the years to provide our customers with an exceptional and ultimate service. Our reputation is based on hard work and precision.

In case you need to store your furniture somewhere, you can do so in our warehouse or in our Storage in Transit. The first month for using the Storage in Transit is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. We offer long term storage options, as well as short term. This service is very convenient for people who need to move but their new home isn’t quite ready yet.

Should you need it for longer, you can contact our sales department to estimate a price for the time of period requested.

So, how do I book a local moving company?

How does One Way Van Lines’ process actually work?

You are just a click away. Get your quote today and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Additionally you can check our opening hours.  Meanwhile if you need more help contact us at

2. Share your information.

We will need to collect all the information needed for your local move. That will include your date of move, where you’re moving from and to, information about your property and all the information about packing, cleaning, loading, storage and delivery.

Moving Company, One Way Van Lines Mover
  1. In-home estimate.

We will do an in-home estimate, where you will receive a detailed and accurate quote.

  1. You receive your quote.

Once everything is settled, you will be assigned a move coordinator, who will also be your personal coordinator. From that point you can directly communicate with him. Should you require any further information, you can contact him and he will answer any questions.

  • Fast delivery
  • We provide a 10-14 days delivery service
  • New Equipment
  • Our well-maintained equipment ensures safe transport
  • Storage
  • We provide in-transit storage and climate controlled warehouse
  • Huge backup fleet
  • We have an enormous backup fleet ready to deliver nation-wide

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