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What makes our moving services special

and our clients happy?

  • Personal Approach
  • We aim to provide the best service, hence we take each customers needs at heart and create a personal relationship in order to provide the best service possible and provide a stress-free move.
  • Discounts
  • Our discounts and offers start from “new customer”, “student discounts”, “military services” and continue onto personalised discounts. The personalised discounts are designed individually for every customer.
  • Dedicated Service
  • We know very well how stressful moving is. We don’t want to stress you out even more, so leave everything in our hands and focus on relaxing. Our goal is to meet your criterias and even surpass your expectations.

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Moving and Storage Services

We are the best at what we do

and we stand by our values

One Way Van Lines is a trusted moving company in the United States. We are based mainly on the East Coast- Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Connecticut, however we operate all over North America.

Need to move in future, but don’t have a place to store your furniture?

Whether you’re moving homes and your new home isn’t quite ready yet or you sold your house too quickly, One Way Van Lines has a solution for you.

We provide customers with storage services that fit your time and location.

You can choose between two of our options – store your items in our Climate controlled warehouse, or store your items in our Storage in Transit.

You can trust our trained professionals, who handle everything with extra care.

Your items are safe with us.

Regardless of the volume of your stuff, we have the space you need.


You need a place to store your belongings but your home isn’t ready yet ?

One Way Van Lines is a full service moving company and we have the most flexible solutions for you.

We offer a 400 square meters, air-conditioned storage space in our warehouse in Baltimore.

You can store your boxes in our climate controlled storage regardless of their size or bulk for as long as you need.

We offer affordable prices, which are calculated depending on the time period you wanted them to be stored for and the volume.

Our specialized storage is spacious, climate controlled, tidy and available when you need it.

At One Way Van Lines we understand the frustration of our clients when things don’t go as planned and end up in the middle of moving with no space to store their items. No worries, we take it from here.

Your items are taken care of and secure with us from packing, to storing and delivering.

Storage in Transit

One Way Van Lines operates all over US, therefore sometimes driving your belongings to Baltimore may seem too far away.

This is why we offer a Storage Transit. This is a temporary space, which is used for a limited period of time.

The first month of this service is FREE OF CHARGE

The purpose of this service is to make the move of the client hassle free.

The prices after the first month are individual for every person. If you need more information about prices and availability, please call our Sales Department on:

  • 1-301-298-0853

Most of our Storage units are based on the East Coast- New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida and Connecticut as well as California and Texas.

Approved military

storage facility

Being an active military personnel means constant move.

Having to move frequently means that most military members can’t carry the whole household with them every time.

Our storage services are useful for those who are in the middle of transition, deployed or simply have to relocate.

At One Way Van Lines we respect your service dedication, hence we have designed great offers as a way of showing appreciation. Contact a member of our team for individual offers and discounts.

  • Fast delivery
  • We provide a 10-14 days delivery service
  • New Equipment
  • Our well-maintained equipment ensures safe transport
  • Storage
  • We provide in-transit storage and climate controlled warehouse
  • Huge backup fleet
  • We have an enormous backup fleet ready to deliver nation-wide

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