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Move in your dorm hassle-free

Similarly to any other moving, student moving is a headache, which most people want to get over as soon as possible. One Way Van Lines helps students across the United States to move from point A to point B without unnecessary hassle. Our trained professionals understand the difficulty of moving out of home and going onto your own path for the first time in your life. We know the struggle financial wise when going to college or university. We offer great student discounts that will fit your pocket as well as storage services to help you properly manage your belongings.

Ready to move in college?

We're here to help you move in your dorm.

  • Moving to College
  • If you're a student and in need of moving services to your dorm, we're here for you.
  • Discounts for Studends
  • As a student you get a discount on our moving services, so feel free to contact us and don't worry about budget
  • Storage Services
  • If you need to store your belongings before the move to college we can help with our storage service.
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How much it costs?

Moving on a budget

We provide free online quotes so you can check how much on average would your move cost straight away by clicking the button below. 

We have great discounts for student moving so don’t hesitate and contact a member of our team for more details. Here is a list of what we take in mind when compiling a price:

  • The volume/weight of your belongings
  • What is your initial destination and what is your final destination
  • What additional services you request(such as Storage, Extra flight of stairs)

How to prepare to move in your dorm?

A quick list
  1. Have a look around your house and make a list of everything you need to move so we can give you an accurate price.
  2. Give us a clear information of your location. Where you’re moving from and to.
  3. Contact us

Being a student means a constant move. Moving to college, moving between semesters, travelling for holidays. Whatever the reason, the move itself isn’t on top of your To Do list. Keeping that in mind, we want to offer you a stress free relocation on affordable prices. We pay attention to details and keep the costs down.

Need a storage space?

Storage service on a budget

Our storage services fit perfectly a student moving between semesters and need to go back home. You can’t constantly move along with all your luggage, which is why we have great solutions for you! Prices are concluded individually based on how many things you have and how long you need to keep it in the storage for. One Way Van Lines offers two kinds of Storage Services- one is our warehouse, which is based in Baltimore. The second service we provide is a Storage in Transit. This service is spread through the whole East Coast and goes as far as California and Texas.

Contact a member of our professional team to get an individual price for storage services.

Moving and Storage Services

Why choose us in the first place?

  • All services can be accessed online
  • Flexible moving on a budget
  • Affordable Storage Service
  • Great student discounts

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