How to organize a garage sale

How to organize a garage sale

garage sale

One of the most important steps when moving is getting rid of all the stuff you don’t need.

Every person has a bunch of things that are just collecting dust in their storage/garage.

Whether you’ve bought something new to replace the old one or you have just bought something that you don’t really need, a yard sale is the perfect solution to get rid of all the clutter and make some profit out of it.


Garage sales seem easy at first glance. However, they require a lot of thought and effort if you want them to be successful.

Start by introducing the people to your big day.

Spread some flyers around your neighborhood and not only.

Spread them as far as possible as it will reach more people who may need exactly what you have in the garage.

Make your flyers nice and eye-catching so they can attract more people.

Also make an attractive big sign outside your yard so even people who haven’t seen your flyers will see the sign and be curious to have a look.

Maybe create a person out of wooden boards with a sign “Yard Sale 8 am-3 pm”.

garage sale

Make a supplies checklist.

Here is an example of what you may need:

  • Calculator
  • Radio/stereo
  • Price tag stickers
  • Chairs
  • Hangers
  • Rails
  • Money box and plenty of change
  • Plastic bags
  • Tables
  • Signs
  • Paper to wrap fragile items

Make sure there is enough space.

Be prepared for a lot of people to come.

Even if they don’t it’s better to have a bit more space, rather than people to be on top of each other.

Make big aisles and spread your stuff along the whole yard.

Get some help from family and friends.

It’s good fun and you can all share a nice after garage sale party.

Besides, you will need the help.

You won’t be physically able to talk to more than 2 people at once.

So make some phone calls to see who will turn up.

garage sale

Don’t overprice.

This is a must if you want to get rid of most/all things.

High pricing will put off people.

You want to get rid of your clutter at the end of the day so don’t expect to make a fortune out of it.

Most people who will show up will expect reasonable prices so be reasonable.

Put prices on everything so you avoid constant questions on how much does everything cost.

Set the price you are comfortable with and put a big sign that you won’t go any lower so people don’t try to ask for reducing of the prices constantly.

If you have too many items, it’s a good idea to have a list of prices and colors.

For example everything that is labeled with yellow color costs 1$, with green color 5$, blue color 10$ and so on.

Get some snacks and drinks..

Have a person behind the snack table as well.

Sell them for slightly more than you bought them or even for the same price.

Have some water or lemonade for free as well.

Keep yourself and home safe.

Lock your doors so people don’t take advantage of your restroom etc. 

You’re not organizing a party so there is no need to offer WC services.

It’s a good idea to have a particular person as a cashier.

That makes it easier for people who will want to get more than a couple of items from different aisles.

Put some music as a background.

It makes the sale more enjoyable.

Leave it on a low volume so everyone can have a normal conversation.

Remember that the music is supposed to be as a background and not the main accent.

Have a box with some free stuff such as magazines and other things that you can give away.

Choose the items that are least likely to sell and offer them for free.

Giving stuff for free always attracts more people and generates more interest in your garage sale.

free items

Last but not least, if you still end up with some stuff that you need to get rid of check with your friends.

If they don’t want them too, then it’s a good idea to give them to charity.


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