Packing room by room

Packing room by room

Packing room by room

When it comes to packing you may wander where to begin?

You have all the rights to panic a little bit, especially when it comes to a big house. You have two options- either hire a full service moving company who will do the packing for you or do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself then you can follow this easy guide to packing room by room. We know how difficult it is to start but following this easy room-by-room guide to packing will help you organize a smooth and even a pleasant packing. Check our Guide for Packing for more general information regarding time management, supplies and sorting out boxes.


Start with the most difficult part.

It is particularly difficult to pack the kitchen because there are too many things and most of them are fragile.

You need to pay extra attention to the fragile things and pack them with special packing materials, which you can purchase here.

Each of those plates, glasses, vases and many more need to be wrapped in bubble wrap and different in size boxes.

You need to place the heavier items at the bottom of the boxes and the lighter on top.

Also don’t fill the big boxes with heavy stuff, try to mix things up and put the lighter items in the big boxes and the heavier in the smaller ones.

Put some towels, tablecloths etc, between some of the fragile things for better insurance.

Apart from all the fragile items, there are a bunch of other things that need to be packed.

Small things such as forks, spoons and general bits and pieces that fill your cupboards need to be packed separately from the fragile ones.

It’s a good move to start with the kitchen as it is the most difficult room to pack.

Having it out of the way at the very beginning will make your packing easier.

A helpful tip is to use dish boxes and loads of bubble wrap, packing paper and tape.

Packing Kitchen


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The second most difficult room to pack is the bedroom.

It is particularly difficult because of all the clothing, jewelry and fragile items.

Start by organizing all your jewelry into one place.

If you are using a moving company, don’t put your Special Items or jewelry there.

Keep them with you in a separate box, which you will carry with you upon moving.

Divide all your clothes.

This would be particularly tedious.

Everybody keeps clothes that are no longer in use or too small.

Divide the clothes you need to pack and those that need to go away.

The perfect solution to get rid of everything that you no longer need is to organize a Garage Sale.

Kids can help with sorting out their closets. It would keep them engaged and will help you make your moving with kids easier.

Seperate your shoes, clothes, furniture and fragile items. Ask your moving company for supplies to help you pack things like big mirrors, lamps and frames.

Usually moving companies offer all kinds of professional supplies to fit your needs.

For example you can purchase mattress covers to prevent them from damaging, picture boxes, small, medium and large boxes and many more.

Packing Bedroom


This would be considered the smallest but yet not so easy to pack room.

When packing your stuff from the bathroom, it’s important to decide which of all the half empty bottles you actually need.

You will need to go through all of your toiletries and either pack them in boxes or dispose them.

Packing Bathroom

Dining Room

The subtlety of this room comes from the fact that most things are fragile.

You’d have to pack boxes with bone china cups and crystal glasses.

There will be considerably less things in this room but more tricky to handle.

Apart from the fragile items, you’ll also need to pack furniture as well as any other room. That you can do by reassembling it first and making the most of the free space.

Make sure you pack your fragile items with extra care so you can enjoy them in your new home as well. Use packing supplies from your moving company or use their services so you are guaranteed that they will arrive safe and undamaged.

Packing Dining Room



This room would be one of the easiest to pack as there aren’t that many stuff.

Put all of your office equipment in special boxes where you will keep all your documents and supplies.

Disconnect your computer and pack it separately as well.

All that is left now for packing is the furniture but that works the same way as in other rooms.

Packing home office

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We have left the living/family room for one of the last as this is where the main action takes place.

That means that you will most likely keep using this room until the last day before the truck arrives.

The living/family room is usually the one with so many items in it, since people spend most of their time there.

There are tvs to pack, sofas, tables, rugs and many more.

Use your space to pack them well and as always try to pack the fragile items with extra care.

Packing Living Room


The garage is the last bit to pack.

We have left it for last because it’s the easiest and usually the things in the garage are large and don’t require special packing.

Organize a Garage Sale to get rid of everything you have collected over the years and is no longer needed.

You can use some space in the garage to store some of the boxes that you have packed so far.


So, Happy Packing!

Packing Garage

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