7 things not to pack when moving

7 things not to pack when moving

When moving your household you need to pack everything one by one.

Every little thing, essentials, furniture and the list goes on and on.

If you have gone through our Packing room by room guide you would know that planning is the clue to successful packing.

Some items, however, are not recommended to go in the boxes.

Check what you shouldn’t pack when moving.

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Flammables and Dangerous Fluids

Flammables and dangerous fluids including: batteries, fireworks, bleach, ammonia, lighter fluids, matches, paint, propane tanks and gasoline.

They may seem safe when they are kept in your storage or garage but they may be dangerous when moved in a truck, especially during summertime.

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First and probably most important is your valuable items like jewelry, money and important documents.

Either carry those items with you or leave them in a deposit box in your bank.

Essential Box or Suitcase

You would want to have a separate box or suitcase, which you will not load on the truck.

That will include the essential things you will need until you have your items delivered to your new home.

That may include: change of clothes, cash, medicines, toiletries, sheets and blankets, phone chargers and everything else that you think you may need until delivery date.

Plants and flowers

It’s not recommended to pack plants and flowers.

There are two reasons for that.

First and most important is that some states wouldn’t allow plants to cross the state lines. If you are moving within your state that would not be an issue.

Just to make sure you can ask your moving company if they can move plants.

The second reason why plants are not recommended on the moving truck is because they will fade if they don’t get their daily dose of water.

Perishable Food

Food that is likely to go off during the time of your relocation.

That would include frozen food, meats and dairy.

Organize a leaving party and cook a big dinner for you and your friends.

That was you can use the food, which you will otherwise put in the bin.

Another great solution is to donate the food to a local organisation.

Find the nearest to you through Feeding America.

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Guns and explosives

This one is quite obvious and unless you want to end up having a serious conversation with the police, then simply don’t pack such items.

Also don’t leave them unattended as they are dangerous and may attract the curiosity of children.


Pets are also not allowed on the truck.

Movers are not usually responsible for feeding and looking after your pets.

That means that you will need to figure out an alternative way for moving your pets.

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