Easy step by step guide to packing

Easy step by step guide to packing

tips for packing

Moving requires way more time and effort than people would usually want to spend. It often creates mess and disorder. We’ve prepared an easy to follow guide to help you manage your time when packing your stuff in perfect order.

  1. Start by preparing a plan

It is time-consuming but you will be grateful at the end because it makes the moving process less stressful. Note all the things you need to pack and decide what you actually need and what you can get rid of. Make a list of everything and separate your stuff into categories:

Special ItemsAppliances
Fragile ItemsFurniture
Valuable ItemsWeaponry


Once you’ve made a plan and separated all your belongings you can move onto the second step.

  1. Pick the right supplies
  • Full service moving companies

Moving is usually a pricey service, which is why we want to cut your costs to least. Boxes and tapes are the most important supplies for packing. If you are hiring an all-inclusive moving company, they will most likely give you these. Check One Way Van Lines and their offers and discounts.

  • Free boxes

Some people want to use their own supplies and the best option is to find some free boxes. You can check with supermarkets, furniture stores or any stores in general. If you have friends who have moved you can always ask them for used boxes as well. You can find some free boxes online at Freecycle.

  • Purchase new boxes and tapes

If you want to make sure that you use quality boxes and tapes, then you need to buy some. You’ll need double-sided boxes and special packing tape. Note that the tape is very important. Some people choose a cheap tape, which later can be a headache.

ULINE sells good quality supplies, you can also check Amazon and Ebay.


  1. Labeling

Next step of your packing would be labeling. Putting labels on your boxes makes it easier to organize and makes it especially handy when unpacking. When receiving your boxes you can separate them into your rooms. For example, putting your kitchen stuff into boxes labeled “Kitchen” will make it easier to unpack and put everything where it belongs.

Labeling by weight also helps when handling the boxes.


  1. Inventory List

A household can consist of a lot of items. Best way to keep a track of everything is to make an inventory list. Make a list of everything you have and its measurements to make it easy for you and the people handling your belongings. It also helps noticing if anything is missing when you receive the boxes and can result in a quick response.


Following these 4 easy steps can influence your move dramatically. It makes it easier for you and for the people carrying the boxes. Last but not least, it will help upon your moving in.

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