What to do when you are unsatisfied with your moving company?

What to do when you are unsatisfied with your moving company?

It’s not a secret that moving is stressful and there are certain risks when hiring a moving company.

The first and most important thing to do before using moving services is to check if the company of your choice is fully insured and licensed.

Best way to do that is through Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

There are records of lost or damaged furniture, higher prices than what you originally agreed on, delays in shipments etc.

It’s no secret that things can escalate quickly, especially if you are under the influence of emotions.

However, don’t rush into cardinal decisions such as filing a lawsuit against your moving company straight away.

Resolve the problem

with your moving company

Firstly, think twice before taking any actions.

Talk to your moving company and try to resolve the issue with them.

You may be offered additional discounts or compensation for your troubles.

They may approach you with a solution to the problem.


a complaint

If you couldn’t resolve the problem with your moving company then the best thing to do before talking to a lawyer is to file a complaint with Better Business Bureau.

The company will receive the complaint through BBB within 2 working days.

A response is expected within 14 working days.

If such has not been given yet, another request will be sent to the moving company and you will be contacted with their response or the lack of such.

Write a


If you are upset as a result of a delay in delivery which exceeds the average delivery window stated in the contract, or you’re not particularly happy with the scratches on your antique mirror, then you should write a review.

That way you can objectively share your experience and let other people know of your moving encounter.

Same applies if you are happy with the service provided.

Reviews are a helpful tool for finding a reliable moving company and if people only share their negative experience that may not be fair to the company as it wouldn’t give a realistic and accurate information.

Hire a


If none of the above helps and you still feel that you need to take further actions, then consider hiring a lawyer.

Before doing so, however, check your contract and see what you have signed for.

Everything is written within the contract itself and often people sign without reading the whole document.

It’s important that you read everything beforehand so you know exactly what to expect.

Legal fees for hiring a lawyer are high.

Sometimes it’s just not worth paying more for lawyer than the cost of the damages caused to your furniture.

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